Muse Challenge – Circle Card


This Muse Challenge caught my eye straight away because I LOVE circle cards. I’m new to these challenges so don’t know if there are any rules as to who can take part, but if I’m not allowed I’m sure they’ll let me know!

I saw these paper flowers in a magazine recently and wanted to give them a go, so decided to combine the two. You can have a go at this week’s challenge here:


I used a large circle die to cut down my square card, leaving it hanging a little off the top so that it still folds.

Then I took a circle die 2 sizes smaller than the one I just used and cut 6 circles of this pink mulberry paper. I trimmed each of the circles to be more petal-shaped and slit each of them with scissors. I slotted them all against each other and secured with glue.

I glued the button down to hide all the messy parts, and then curled up the sides to make it look more like a flower (it didn’t look much like one before I did this!). Then I grabbed the first stamp I ever bought, a rose with four leaves. Selectively stamping the leaves in green Versamark ink, I cut them out with scissors leaving a white border around them.

I took the next size up out of my circle dies and cut this white circle to stick the flower on to, then adhered the leaves. I cut some more pink paper the same size as my blank card and stuck it all down.

I was tempted to leave it as it was, but I wanted to be a bit more in keeping with the Muse card. So I die-cut the word ‘thanks’ out of patterned paper, having first stuck down some adhesive paper so that it cut out sticky and I could just peel it off to adhere to the card. I left it hanging off the edge a little so it stands up better.

You could use this design for all kinds of occasions. It’d be lovely for Mother’s Day, birthdays or Valentine’s. I’ll definitely be duplicating this one.

Products Used

Mulberry paper –

Dovecraft Curiosity Corner buttons –

Rose stamps – (I can’t find the one I’ve got but these look similar)×18-Rose-sheet/dp/B009ZSCH7W/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1423425548&sr=8-6&keywords=rose+stamp

X Cut circle dies –

Scripty Thanks die –


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