My 2015 Christmas Card

Critter Cards

Hi, all! I may have disappeared off of the face of the internet for the past few months but rest assured I’ve still been creating. This past November, I’ve been doing #nanowrimo (Google it if you don’t know – maybe you’ll want to join in next year!) and have been really wanting to make cards but didn’t want to sacrifice my 1667 words a day to do so.

With Christmas coming up, this was obviously a problem! So I  designed one particular card and put a different spin on each one I made to try to get them all done quickly (I had about 30 people to make for).

My plan for these cards was this fab rhyme I came up with:

“Emboss some vellum

Mount on glitter

Add a critter!”

It’s not Shakespeare, I realise. But I like it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To make things easier, I did each stage of the cards together. I cut a load of white cardstock down to around 14.5cm x 10cm (a little bit smaller than my blank cards) and set those aside. Then I embossed these Mama Elephant sentiments on strips of vellum, some in gold, some in silver.

Some of these pieces of vellum I mounted directly on to glitter, like you see with the cow-in-the-Santa-hat card. Mostly, though, I attached the vellum to my white cards and then mounted that on glitter paper for a nice border.

With others, instead of mounting on glitter, I created my own, slightly more rustic, borders. As you can see with the hedgehog and the horse cards, I smeared the edges of my white cardstock in clear Versamark ink and then heat-embossed this with my gold embossing powder. I just love the horse in the hat! The non-traditional Christmas images are my favourites.

I did make a few more Christmas cards outside of this simple design, which I’ll document for you. Until then, Merry Christmas!


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