“No New Products” Challenge!

No New Products Challenge

For someone who thinks she can teach people how to become thriftier crafters, I have an awful spending habit. I am a shopaholic with expensive taste and very little resistance… hence fad diets, pointless designer labels and nearly paying £6 for things like water bottles just because they’re pink!

But I’ve decided 2015 is all about new challenges. I plan to pass my driving test, move out of my boyfriend’s mum’s house and maybe even get a pay-rise. So I’m setting myself another challenge as of this moment – no new products for 6 weeks!*

That means ANYTHING. Even if I run out of double-sided tape or black ink, I’m not going to spend any money on craft stuff until 4th June (luckily I’ve just stocked up on both those things).**

Now, I don’t know how much of a challenge this would be to most of you. Some of you may only treat yourselves every 6 weeks or so anyway. But in the age of Amazon, I think a lot of people struggle not to buy basically everything when it is so easily accessible.

We’ll see how it goes. If I’m not crying by the end of it, it might become a regular thing. I’m also hoping it will help me rediscover some old gems in my collection – since deciding to do this, I have already remembered some fab designer papers that I haven’t used for months.

At the end of the day, you need very few products to make a card. It’s just the ‘want’ I’m trying to silence.

*(I will receive my subscription magazine within the 6 weeks, but I pledge not to use the free gift until after the 4th.)

**6 weeks today is actually 28th May, but I’ll be in Greece for a week from the 2nd, so that’s not so much of a challenge as I won’t be doing anything crafty! Except maybe a crafty cocktail.